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There is nothing wrong if she wasn’t raped Spice Diana on Sheebah being sexually harassed

It is known knowledge that singers Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana are not the best of friends. The two have clashed over several times especially in a beef instigated by fans.

Following Sheebah’s narration of a certain man who had booked her to perform at his gig ending up trying to sexually assault her, many people have come out with different opinions.

Now Spice Diana while being interviewed by Sanyuka TV’s Kaiyz said that if the former TNS singer wasn’t raped, its fine.

The Mbika singer said that as an artiste and a woman above 18, singers should be able to know the intentions of those men who have booked them.

According to her, one can tell that some people book them for more than music and it depends on how one handles the situation.

Spice Diana further said that its not the indecent dressing of female artists nor is it h0rn from fans. Unless if one uses force and rapes someone, that’s what she can classify as greed and a bad vice.

“It depends on how an artiste carries themselves. There are some artistes who like such deeds. For my case when I get a gig, I move with my whole team. How can you even try to take advantage of me when I’m with a team of more than 9 people?

This has never happened to me but since we are women and above 18, you can tell by looking at the person who has booked you and tell they have more intentions than business. I have been in such scenarios where clients book you to perform for them yet in reality they want you as a person. They will show feelings but won’t rape you so its up to you as a woman to tell what you want

I won’t say it’s horn from fans or indecent dressing. Its just natural men are attracted to women. You don’t expect a man to book you just to watch you dressed sexily and all appetizing. Unless a person has raped you, that’s what I can call horn or a bad vice,” she said.

This is bound to land Spice Diana into clashes with Sheebaholics and several feminists. According to Spice Diana’s perspective, its okay for someone to do all sorts of sexual moves on you even if you haven’t consented.

The red line for the singer is simply rape but the rest can be tolerated probably because of their line of work which is sexually provocative.

Written by Aine Siggy

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