I love King Saha as my son, he will even perform at my wedding- Bebe Cool reveals

Its a known fact that singers Bebe Cool and King Saha are not the best of friends. The two in fact a few years ago were involved in a heated social media verbal war.

This was after Bebe Cool advised King Saha to reduce on the intake of intoxicants as they were going to ruin his life and career.

Although Saha has claimed severally to use drugs, he disregarded Bebe Cool’s advice and went ahead to attack the Wire Wire singer.

Despite the constant attacks, Bebe Cool didn’t hit back and maintained his stand. And yesterday as he endorsed Cindy for the UMA presidency at his home in Kiwatule, Bebe Cool revealed that he has never beefed with Saha.

He revealed that he’s too mature to be beefing with Saha who is like a son to him. Bebe Cool added that he was only looking out for the singer who he finds to be so talented.

In fact Bebe Cool said that Saha and Chameleone are some of the artists that won’t miss performing on his wedding.

“I can never beef with a young boy like Saha. I was only advising him like a senior and father. I was looking out for a great talent that I see in him because he’s one of the musicians who sing well for me.

There are artists that won’t miss on my wedding and Saha is one of them because I love the song he sang with Bafana. Plus Jose Chameleone because my favorite Ugandan song is Jamila,” Bebe Cool said.

He also said that the veteran musicians and older ones should stop hiding and pretending to love these younger artists when they can’t advise them.

He recounted how on several times before the late Radio’s death had interacted with him. Bebe Cool had been advising Radio to quit the dangerous drug lifestyle and concentrate on music as he awaited the likes of him, Bobi Wine and Chameleone to exit the scene.

He unfortunately passed away as he had begun to reform.

Written by Aine Siggy

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