I was personally disappointed with Cindy’s dress code at a wedding- Controversial fashionista Abraynz

Well you might know Bryan Ahumuza aka Abraynz as one of the top and best fashion designers on the country. However, its because of his type of clothes and merchandise plus their exorbitant fees that people have always found so controversial and a hot topic.

Abraynz also however has things that amuse and shock him fashion-wise. He came out to comment about singer Cindy’s recent dress code at a certain wedding.

The Boom Party singer was seen wearing rugged clothes constituting of a biker and jacket as she performed. This raised mixed reactions amongst the public as many people found it disrespectful.

Abraynz revealed that he was shocked to see Cindy dressed in a biker at a wedding. He couldn’t belive it but still tried to understand the singer.

He recounted how Cindy at one time graced Rema’s wedding in a gomesi and people made fun of how she didn’t look good. Besides she was just from maternity and maybe she felt comfortable that way.

Abraynz however said that he found it personally disrespectful because some occasions have specific dress codes.

“When I saw Cindy in a biker at wedding, I was like what? Is this real or I’m not seeing properly. But then I tried to see what she did in all angles. She at one time got dressed in a gomesi to Rema’s wedding and people made fun of her that she looked awful. She has also ever worn it while performing for the Kabaka.

Some artists however have a specific personality on how they dress like Sheebah and even Kapa Cat. I however found it so disrespectful. Specific occasions have specific dress codes,” he said.

He added that however what is important is that those who hired her were satisfied and all parties were okay.

Meanwhile nudity model Doreen Kabarebe said that what Cindy did was wrong because she stole the attention from the bride.

She warned any artiste that she ever hires on her wedding and comes dressed skimply will be chased away.

Kabarebe advised Cindy to copy and learn from the likes of Winnie Nwagi and Spice Diana.

Written by Aine Siggy

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