Vivian Tendo returns gifted car to ex lover

Singer Vivian Tendo is not ready to stand being disrespected by ex lover for gifting her a Mark X car after their break up.

Vivian Tendo received the car last year 2021 during her birthday.

At first Vivian Tendo denied getting a car from any person saying it was her personal savings that she decided to buy a car for herself.

However during an interview with urban television, Vivian Tendo spoke the truth saying her ex lover is the one that bought her a car but it had issues of many women claiming its ownership.

Vivian has recently been seen with Musa ‘Atagenda’ Sebulime, the owner of Uganda Premier League side Wakiso Giants.

Sebulime has recently bonked singer Leila Kayondo and NBS Sports Presenter Grace Lyndsay Mbabazi.

Here is the video:

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