Would a male singer have gotten Sheebah’s attention if he was sexually harassed? -NBS news anchor Hatmah Nalugwa

NBS TV news anchor Hatmah Nalugwa has come out to question whether a male singer would have gotten the attention singer Sheebah Karungi has gotten amidst her sexual harassment allegations.

The news anchor further wondered if it would have been the same voice, reaction and advocacy if a male singer had been the one sexually molested. She also added that the boy child shouldn’t be neglected as the girl child is being looked out for.

The former TNS singer, Sheebah came out a few days ago to reveal how she was sexaully abused by a top official in the country helped by his SFC guards. This caused widespread outrage amongst sections of the public.

Many have come out to condemn the act with some demanding that she names the person who did the shameful act so that they get punished.

However, if it was a male singer, the story would have been different. Female singers have always been applauded for kicking and beating male fans who try to sexaully harass them.

But when it comes to the male singers, they are expected to take on the sexual advances from their female fans and embrace them. A female fan was sometime ago seen poking hands into singer Chozen Blood undies but no one came out to advocate for the boy child’s rights.

What men and boys are demanding for is equal rights and not favoring one gender but all in all sexual harassment shouldn’t be tolerated at any one time.

Written by Aine Siggy

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