Bebe Cool is suffering from sahayosis – King Saha

The war between singers King Saha real name Ssemanda Mansour and Moses Ssali also known as Bebe Cool is not about to end soon.

All this started in 2019 when Bebe Cool said King Saha is talented but drug addicted something that created a huge enemity between them.

According to King Saha, all this started because he lent Bebe Cool his money that he didn’t return back and ever since he has been guilty.

Despite Bebe Cool decampaigning King Saha, Saha has said all that is because he has a disease called sahayosis eating him up and he needs immediate medication.

“Bebe Cool is suffering from a disease called sahayosis. It’s me with the medication and if he doesn’t get it he is going to die,” King Saha revealed.

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