Police releases statement, clarifies on who attempted to r@pe the singer

After numerous calls by different people towards Sheebah to lodge a formal complaint on who attempted to rape her, the songstress has done so.

And according to the statement released by Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, it was not Andrew Mwenda that attempted to do bad manners on the singer as some media outlets and social media pages had it.

Sheebah clearly stated on who did these bad manners to her and Police detectives have already moved to investigate the matter.

The former TNS singer’s complaint was filed with the office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (CID). Further, the singer is said to have revealed each and every detail of what transpired on that day.

The Police thanked Sheebah for bringing out this issue to the Police for investigation as its a voice for many out there who can’t speak up.

“The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has instituted inquiries into the alleged incident of indecent assault against, Sheeba Karungi, a popular music artist, after she formally made her complaint at CID headquarters today 17.05.2022.

During the interaction with the CID officers, Sheeba revealed the details and the individual who was involved and the related circumstances.
In her complaint she clearly mentions the suspect and refutes the ongoing speculation in sections of the media that it was Andrew Mwenda.

In view of the above, a team of Detectives has commenced investigations on the matter to ensure justice for the victim.
We do thank Sheeba for taking the courage to report the matter and assure the public that as Uganda Police we take matters of Gender Based Violence seriously.
CP Fred Enanga
Police Spokesman.”

Some people had criticized the singer for running to social media instead of the necessary authorities. Others had even claimed that she could be carrying out a stunt.

Written by Aine Siggy

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