You lick d1cks- Ykee Benda blasts tweep

Despite being public figures, musicians also have the other side of them that you wouldn’t want to mess with but if pushed to the wall, they can unleash it.

This was Mpaka Records boss Ykee Benda after a fan tried to troll him. The Superman singer took to his Twitter page to claim that he’s a self made star when it comes to his music career.

This drove in different opinions and one of the tweeps named ‘A Sexy Muganda’ tried to water down the singer’s hustle.

She told him how he came onto the scene licking Sheebah’s feet for a collabo. Further she said if it wasn’t for the Nakyuka singer, Ykee Benda would never have made it to the top.

The singer didn’t tolerate the banter and told this tweep that at least for him it’s feet that he licks but for her she licks d!cks.

There you go, stop messing around with public figures thinking they will play the nice card.

Written by Aine Siggy

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