Cindy disses Sheebah again, says she’s a half dumny now

At a time when one thinks either Cindy or King Saha should be courteous towards their fellow singers, both have proven otherwise. The two who are contesting for the UMA presidency have continued to expose how both lack the unifying factor needed for the industry.

As Saha was busy insulting and attacking Bebe Cool, Cindy did the same with Sheebah Karungi. The two have for some time been bickering now and don’t see eye to eye.

While appearing on Galaxy FM, Cindy was questioned whether the Nakyuka singer is talented or just lucky.

Cindy however said that people only recall Sheebah’s time with Jeff Kiwa because it was her most successful spell. However, before that, she was hustling. And besides there is nothing as luck without hardwork.

“None of us is just lucky. We have both worked hard to be where we are. People only remember the time when she met Jeff but before Jeff, she was hustling,’ Cindy said.

The Boom Party crooner was then questioned whether Sheebah is both hardworking and talented in comparison to her.

According to the former Blu 3 singer, Sheebah takes half on each of talent and hardwork. But for talent she doesn’t come close to Cindy according to the UMA presidential candidate.

She said that unlike in the past when everything was done for Sheebah rendering her a full dummy, she’s now a half dummy as she is nolonger under a label.

“About talent and hard work, Sheebah gets half & half. I can’t say she has no talent because what she does is music but she doesn’t have talent levels as mine. She is now a not a dummy. She knows the hustle now and not a full dummy,” she concluded.

Written by Aine Siggy

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