Video: Spice Diana and Bina Baibe reveal the most weird places they have ever heard s3x from

Musician Hajarah Namukwaya aka Spice Diana while being hosted on KFM presenter Doreen Nasasira’s #LoveLife podcast revealed the weirdest place she’s ever had s3x from.

The gorgeous Body singer shockingly revealed how she once ate the forbidden fruit from a car. Spice added that it was actually nice.

Dembe FM presenter Bina Baibe intervened and asked if its good in the car and if she can fit especially due to her size.

Spice Diana however told her that for the sweet things, one will always find a way to indulge in them regardless.

For Doreen Nasasira, she revealed that it was in the pit latrine to which Spice Diana looked shocked wondering if she didn’t fall inside.

Then came Bina Baibe who said that for her it was at UMA show grounds. Spice Diana asked her where exactly at UMA show grounds and she said that out in the open.

It was only after orgasming that she realized that she had been pinned on the wall and people were actually passing.

Uhmm that’s some shocking revelations from the ladies but at least we have all had that good time in a crazy and weird place.

Written by Aine Siggy

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