Video: Chosen Becky recalls wearing a fake b#m

Singer Kwikiriza Rebecca aka Chosen Becky is a talented artist musically. However her off the mic lifestyle has always left people bemused.

This is due to her remarks that people somehow find so raw. She was at it again after revealing her first experience wearing a fake bum. These are artifical booties that slay queens wear to pimp up themselves and land their unknown culprits after them.

The Bankuza singer was asked to narrate her first time wearing it. She said that these fake bums have a tendency of escaping from their natural position to the sides.

And because many people now know them, one will be told to put it back in place when it escapes.

She however said that she has no problems with them. And many both those who wear them and those who don’t are now well acquainted to them. So beware of what you wear and who you vibe.

Written by Aine Siggy

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