Video: You can survive without S3x- Spice Diana

Just after revealing how she was smashed in a car, singer Spice Diana has come out to advise young girls about having premature s3x. She said that they can actually survive without eating the forbidden fruit.

According to the Onsanula singer, these young girls always engage in early sexual activities and get whipped from left right and centre.

By the time, they are in their mid 20’s they are already tired of men and have a negative attitude towards all men. And this all results from engaging in sex at a tender age.

The singer was alsonm asked her kind of preferences while dating. She said that she wants a man who is a bit older than her and not someone younger.

The reason is that young people are so dependent and she would want someone already established so that they can climb the ladder together.

Written by Aine Siggy

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