Video: Lydia Jazmine left shocked by h0rny fan

Songstress Lydia Jazmine was left shocked by one of her h0rny male fans who took to Tiktok to record a challenge to her new song ‘OMUTIMA.’

This young man clad in only his boxers in a shower decided to show off what his papa gave him. And its no doubt that a lot of female fans to the singer were left salivating over his wire wire.

Even Jazmine couldn’t contain herself as she captioned the video with ‘Naye baana mwe’ on her Instagram page.

The comments were equally hilarious as ladies couldn’t get over the challenge and indeed it was a challenge.

“???Eeeh ono ayagala gaba muk**ra ssi mutima..unprovoked?” one user said.

“Lydia wayimye???” another said towards the singer having been turned on by the video.

“Kale singa nze eyakute video,” another fan lusted over the video.

Well this is a challenge and the door is open for you.

Written by Aine Siggy

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