Singer Naira Ali lashes out at singers Kataleya and Kandle for parading off their sumbies

Faded US based Ugandan singer Naira Ali is supposedly confused and unhappy with the current generation of girls who parade off their sumbies.

Naira Ali through her Facebook page says that she is yet to understand the current generation of girls who wear leggings and their animals go floating on top.

“Naye ate nze guno omulembe ogwa’abaana abawala ogw’okusiba obusolo bwonna nebutumbira mu bulegging nze sina gutegera,” the singer said.

This has been popularized by singers Kataleya and Kandle who have shown that they came to conquer the music industry with not only their music but also the sexy bodies. Gym goers are also culprits of this fashion trend.

Written by Aine Siggy

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