Video: Fans left divided over 8 year old leg opening performance at Comedy Store

Fans have been left divided after a barely 10 year old singer by the names of Rema K took to the stage at Comedy Store yesterday that happened at the UMA showgrounds.

Rema K who is a girl was one of the night’s performers and its fair to say that she put up a great performance.

Those in the audience seemed to have loved her energy on stage. However social media wasn’t so pleaded with the performance. This is because it involved this young girl lying on stage like an adult and even opening her legs.

Many didn’t find this appeasing and shared their thoughts. Some think that the girl went overboard and the parents who would be scolding her were busy cheering her on.

Below is the video, tell us what do you think about her performance. Would you stop your child from pursuing their talent in case they had any or would you fully support them amd maybe with some conditions.

Written by Aine Siggy

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