Video: Gravity Omutujju roughed up and danced by his elephant dancer on-stage

What you are about to see below is only performed by professionals who have mastered the craft after years of training, please don’t try it at home as it can result into cases of injury or even fatality.

Dancehall singer Gravity Omutujju,s elephant dancer, Bujju, will be the death of many men out there.

There’s no doubt about her weight being enormous but the way she’s able to manage it and wiggle it to the Tusimbudde singer’s music is just marvelous.

She’s usually pulled ‘little men’ onto the stage and given them a breath to catch when she drops it hot on them.

Bujju was at it again but this time round on her boss, Gravity. She carried the singer like he was a kid and dropped him onto the floor. Bujju then downed on him and gave him one good pounding as he fled from underneath her.

Written by Aine Siggy

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