I have never been friends with Spice Diana – Gravity Omutujju continues to spill more secrets

Singer Gravity Onutujju is not about to let Spice Diana and her manager Lubega Roger be cool in the media any soon.

All this started when Spice Diana and Sheebah re-united promising their fans that they are going to work together and support each other.

The next day Gravitty Omutujju made an interview saying Spice Diana and her manager are hypocrites trying to look good and act well in people but deep down having bad hearts.

Gravitty said he has worked with Spice Diana and Roger but he is not a friend to Spice although he kissed her in the video it was because Roger asked him to do so.

My issue is not with Spice because she is not my friend. The kiss was just for the videoshoot and I did it for my friend Roger who is her manager. Spice has never been my friend. Roger is still my friend but I just had to speak the truth,” Gravity Omutujju said

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