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Screenshots: Love and cheating gone wrong for Leila Kayondo and ex SK Mbuga

Its no secret that STV pioneer and socialite SK Mbuga used to chew singer Leila Kayondo’s beans a few years back. He even bankrolled her never promising music career and she released some hits featuring the likes of Dr Jose Chameleone and Goodlyf.

The two however bitterly broke up after Kayondo accused Mbuga of domestic violence. Mbuga then tried all sorts of means to win her back but in vain hence settling and marrying his current wife Vivian Jalia Birungi.

No one really expected that the two, Mbuga and Kayondo have been chewing each other secretly. However as the saying goes that a thief has 40 days, it looks like this cheating once upon seems to have exposed themselves.

According to WhatsApp screenshots taken by local publication, Leila Kayondo went on a rant against her would be now ex of 6 years. The Tompona singer warns the tycoon of coming to her place again.

She threatens to take pictures of his bald head and release them online. Further she accuses him of disrespect and brands him a low life uneducated fool.

According to the singer, Mbuga is a skirt addict who is after women that speak foreign languages especially English. She says that he runs after every woman that speaks English as he finds them attractive.

It’s not yet clear what triggered Leila to this extent but what’s clear is she’s been serving them to the tycoon.

Written by Aine Siggy

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