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Rema forgive me, i abused you for no reason – Full Figure apologizes

Presidential advisor Jennifer Nakangubi also known as Full Figure has apologized to singer Rema Namakula for abusing her.

For a long time, Full Figure has been known for abusing people on social media using obscene language.

However, it looks like things have changed and she is nkw ready to come clean and apologize to people she has attacked.

In an interview with a local blogger, Full Figure revealed that she abused Rema when she left Eddy Kenzo but she has now come to see that she was right to leave.

Full Figure said Rema missed alot in her life as a woman because Eddy Kenzo used to leave her in the house alone.

“Rema i am sorry forgive me i was wrong to abuse you. I didn’t abuse you because i hate you i just never wanted you to leave Eddy Kenzo but i now realize you were right to leave,” Full Figure said

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