Hundred f!ngers in one h0le- Upcoming singer Quin J serves her sumbie to fans

Yeah she did just as the headline states, upcoming singer Quin J Kawomela served her raw beans to fans to play with.

And as usual these didn’t disappoint as they poked fingers into her yummy fatty sompyo. Some even decided to take pictures of it. She even after fell back and let the lads satisfy her ‘finger-ically.’

A run through this singer’s Instagram page shows that that’s her. She has a habit of going wild, naughty and h0rny while performing for fans.

This comes just a few weeks after singer Sheebah Karungi running onto social media to decry how she was sexually harassed by an anonymous top government official.

This saw a number of men with such vices criticized. However female singers were also not spared in this debacle.

Many of these were accused of perpetrating these moves against them since they provoke the fans sexually. And its evident with this barely known musician. She’s not even the only one as many of them have been seen on stage seducing male fans.

Written by Aine Siggy

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