Lydia Jazmine mentioned in the mix of Grenade parting ways with sugar mommy

For a long time, rumors have always flown on how songstress Lydia Jazmine and Grenade Officail were having a fling. This was after the collaboration of their song ‘Feeling.’

Now Grenade’s ex lover who had him jailed has mentioned about this saga. She said that the two did actually flirt and play games of being in a relationship.

She however believes that this was simply a plot to promote their song and nothing serious involved. She therefore couldn’t be jealous of another female with a fast rising career.

This woman added that contrary to what they are saying that she’s a sugar mommy to the singer, she isn’t because she’s 30 years and Grenade is 27. This therefore is not a serious age gap to cause alarm. She also denied craving media attention.

“I’m not a sugar mommy because I’m a single mother aged 30 and Grenade is 27. I met him when I was 29 and I don’t think this is a big age gap.

I’m no after any media attention because even when I met him, I clearly told him not to put me in the media. I always stayed away from the camera even when he had issues going on like for Lydia Jazmine. I couldn’t come out to defend him always that these were flings amd propaganda to promote their music.

I wasn’t jealous of Lydia Jazmine because she was actually kind to me when we met. I can’t beef another female with a good career.”

Further she said that what is disturbing Grenade is a heartbreak because he couldn’t take it when she told him that she’s done with him.

Further she said that she loved him but she can’t tolerate someone who is trying to bewitch her. This woman wondered why the singer would try to bewitch her yet he already has.

She advised him to look for another woman to ‘kuloga’ but not her. She also said that Grenade wanted to have a baby with her but she had a method she was using not to conceive.

Written by Aine Siggy

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