Lord mayor Erias Lukwago brands Sheebah a vulgar artist

The lord mayor of Kampala city Erias Lukwago has come out to brand Sheebah a vulgar artist. While addressing her recent sexual harassment allegations, Lukwago said that the singer’s lyrics are so vulgar and dirty.

Lukwago further cited some lyrics of Sheebah’s song YOLO saying that with such words she’s always sending a signal to the sexual predators to explore her message.

The lord mayor however also said that because she sings such songs, it doesn’t mean these shameless men should come after her or any other females without consent.

“Some songs fall under categories I don’t like. Some artists have gone overboard and sing a lot of vulgar songs. Take for example Sheebah’s song that says “Jango Onkoleko Emikolo” (It’s a line In her song titled ‘yolo’. With such lyrics, people will be tempted to explore what you sing. You are exposing yourself to the public but I am not saying that she is inviting people to do that but enticing them is bad,” he said as quoted by local news website Howwebiz.

The politician also said that Sheebah brandes herself negatively just as American singer Rihanna. This therefore puts her in a compromising position unlike if she had branded like the likes of Celine Dion, Toni Braxton or Chaka Chaka.

“Sheebah is like Rihanna. Both artists put themselves in a compromising situation. It would have been better if they branded like Celine Dion or Toni Braxton but she chose to be like Tshala Muana not even like Chaka Chaka,” he added.

Written by Aine Siggy

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