Man painfully narrates to NTV’s Andrew Kyamagero how girlfriend canes him

Imagine being caned by your girlfriend, like making you lie down and she canes you like she’s your school teacher or parents.

This was the case of an anonymous man on Andrew Kyamagero’s Man2Man talk on Twitter. This man says that the girlfriend canes him whenever she suspects him of any wrongdoing. Even when she calls and he doesn’t pick up, getting back home is canes.

This man added how the girlfriend acts so sweet around friends yet she’s a monster. He reported the case to Police but thse just laughed at him a thing that demoralized him.

He even now fears to get married because of the wrath he’s tasted from this girlfriend of his.

A number of people shared their opinions with some not believing the man’s confession whereas the rest asked why he doesn’t walk away from this abusive relationship.

“This one is not Aman!!! He should show us that he is a man this will never happen to me I can respect u and humble my self I can allow to be stupid and polite to the max but I will never ever allow a lady to reach that point even if u are from heaven.”

“Sorry buddy about this but my advise would be to stand up as a man and take a nonviolent action in your love life. It’s in our nature that we men must rule over women, yes it’s a gift given to us from God and women are supposed to be submissive to any man they call a Husband.”

“Man, its kinda tricky for the community to believe you. If it was a lady, the community would have protected Just know this community will not help you. You gat to set a boundary as a man. If it was me, i would be looking for my way Out gradually.”

Well men also go through domestic violence at the hands of their female partners but society just makes it difficult for them to get help. Many fear to come out for fear of being laughed at.

Written by Aine Siggy

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