Video: Tears roll down Exodus’ as he confesses his sins at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s concert

Every living person has that point where they eventually break down despite the perfect record they might be having. Even those who serve God are usually tempted and some of these usually fall into the devil’s trap.

Its only a few that don’t fall onto the devil’s hands such as Job and Jesus but the rest like Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon have all fallen int the devil’s hands.

And what would you expect for a gospel singer surrounded by bevies of curvaceous women, drugs, alcohol, fame among other secular things. This is what singer Exodus fell into despite his earlier revelations of how God had delivered him from the gutter.

What’s commendable however about the singer is that he decided to recover before its too late. Exodus while performing at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s concert said that he’s been boozing but is turning back to God.
While crying, the Igwe singer said that he’s going to repent and go around different churches apologizing for whatever was said about him whether true or false.

“I am going to serve God like never before. Whatever happened, the right and false allegations, I request to be forgiven.
I’m going to serve God like never before. I love you all so much. I am going to visit most of the churches to and apologize for my unbecoming conduct.
Serving God is the only gift that God gave me,” the singer said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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