Social media sends radio presenter Faiza Fabs to the grave

Social media is like a molecule that is always looking to explode anytime. There are always people willing to air the opinions on different things.

Its a space that needs people with thick skin and KFM presenter Faiza Fabs looks to be having one after the ruthless comments that were sent to her.

She took to her Twitter page to put up a post saying “Don’t Talk To Me If You Don’t Have A Car.” Its like she had melted an iceberg as tweeps fired shots at her.

Some told her that she’s too old to be demanding for a man with a car.

“Kigambire nyoko.”

“This is totally fine if you have one as well but if you have nothing, keep quiet madam. You attract what you are.”

“Thats why at 35 no man has proposed to marry you. Keep with that negative energy.”

This comes days after her predecessor at KFM Martiza said that if a man can’t give 1m shillings as daily kameeza money, they shouldn’t bother marrying her.

She was bashed the same just as Faiza got crucified for these outrageous demands.

She however supported Faiza Fabs and looks like they are chasing clout.

Written by Aine Siggy

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