Catherine Kusasira threatens to imprison Full Figure over Tiktoker Dr Cephco

Golden band singer Catherine Kusasira has threatened to drag faded singer Jennifer Full Figure to court over her numerous and several insults towards her.

Kusasira who is a presidential advisor as well as Full Figure demanded the motor mouthed singer releases the Tiktokers she jailed over insulting her.

Full Figure last week had a famous Tiktoker known as Dr Cephco sent behind bars. Cephco had for long been insulting Full Figure and other singers.

He however ran out of luck when Full Figure nabbed him and sent him behind bars at Luzira. Kusasira however said that she’s shocked Full Figure jailed these Tiktokers over insults.

The Nkola ya taxi singer says that Full Figure has been insulting other people and with even much more derogatory and vulgar words. She therefore has no moral authority to jail anyone one over insults.

Kusasira threatened to open up a case against Full Figure if she doesn’t release Dr Cephco.

“I’m really surprised that its Full Figure running to prison to jail someone because of insulting her. It’s good that she has learnt that insulting people actually hurts. She should release those people she jailed otherwise I’m also going to reopen my case against her.

She insulted me, undressed with all kinds of obscene and vulgar words. My kids even reached to a point of crying because of her insults. Does she know how many people she’s hurt with her words. She should release them, lest I teach her a lesson,” Kusasira said.

Full Figure has almost insulted everyone that she doesn’t agree with. She’s one of the chief abusers in the country and doesn’t fear anyone.

Written by Aine Siggy

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