Reason Dre Cali left Uganda finally revealed

According to the latest revelation from NBS After 5 presenter Douglas Lwanga, it seems like singer Dre Cali left Uganda for health reasons.

Douglas says that he was told by a reliable source that the Ebisoka nebisemvayo singer left Uganda over health complications.

Its said that he even had pus flowing from his ears. When he reached Canada, he had hopes of getting advanced treatment and decided against coming back. Its one of the reasons.

“I was told by a credible source that the reason Dre Cali refused to come back to Uganda is because he has a serious medical condition. This source told me that he had pus coming out of his ears. So when he got an opportunity to go there, he decided not to come back.

That’s why all his social media pages have been dormant for quite long. So what we have been thinking that he’s there chilling and relaxing is wrong, he’s actually battling some sicknesses. I can’t however confirm or refute this,” said Douglas.

It should be recalled that the singer left Uganda a few months ago. This was after a scheduled concert in Canada. He was then contracted under Ykee Benda’s Mpaka Records.

This is a thing that hurt Ykee who came out to say that he could forgive the singer but would never do business with him ever again since the label had invested a lot in him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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