Sheebah shows intentions to chew Pia Pounds

Female singer Sheebah Karungi has come out to show her appreciation of fellow female singer Pia Pounds. The self styled queen karma took to her social media pages to post a picture of Pia in a sheer pic of a pantie revealing everything.

Sheebah then went ahead to caption it as “ffe tuli balungi tekuli yakyama’ from Ronald Alimpa’s Sean Don song.

Social media users were left with one thought, that Sheebah wants to chew Pia Pounds. This is after some rumors in the past that the Nakyuka singer chews fellow women.

Its the reason she’s into feminism and hates the thought of being married. It however seems that the Nakyuka singer was only appreciating the Slay farmer singer.

Besides that, Pia also threw the internet into a disarray after parading her yoyo for the public to see. And we won’t leave you out as we include the pictures below.

Written by Aine Siggy

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