Video: Two students caught on camera chewing each other in school lab

Two students have been recorded chewing each other in a video that is making rounds on social media. The two students one a male and another a female don’t shy away from doing these bad manners as class goes on.

The naughty girl can be seen seated on top of the boy trying to ride him doggy and cow girl style mixed with girl on top.

This shameless boy’s hands can also be seen holding the girl’s waist and even lifts her skirt up exposing her knickers.

Meanwhile the other students in the classroom can be seen busy with their class work. The school is yet to be verified.

This comes shortly after Lubiri High School students were nabbed doing erotic dances in a school bus belonging to Midland High School.

The level of Horn seems to have escalated amongst these underage students probably and hugely due to the recent 2 year lockdown.

Written by Aine Siggy

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