Better work together before time forces you – Kato Lubwama to Cindy and Sheebah

Legendary actor and artist Kato Lubwama has passed on a clean advice to young stars beefing each other, Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah.

As there is so much competition in the music industry, Cindy and Sheebah have not always faced each other eye to eye.

According to Kato Lubwama, their beef is of upcoming artists but at their age they should be working on cooperating and releasing music together.

Lubwama revealed that as time comes, Sheebah will be forced to work with Cindy because of the circumstances and it will not look good.

“This thing of beefing is not good at all. Earlier people used it to promote their music but for Cindy and Sheebah it is too personal. I want those young ladies to work together before time forces them. Those that will be alive will witness my statement,” Kato Lubwama said

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