Bobi Wine predicts his death with Barbie

The ghetto gladiator H.E Bobi Wine has come out to predict his death. This was after his wife Barbie made a Facebook post on how she wants to be remembered when she’s dead.

Barbie said that she wants to be remembered as someone who impacted women’s lives positively. It’s what will please her departed soul on the day of her funeral.

“When I am no more
And my corpse is laying cold in a wooden box.
When the world is actively discussing what kind of life I lived and my loved ones are preparing a send off for me.
When speeches are being written,
When my burial dress code is being agreed on
And death announcements are going around!

Dear Lord,
I want ONE woman to listen to the breaking News of my departure and say…
“This dead woman touched my soul and impacted me in many positive ways. She is the reason I am who I am todah.”

So help me God,” she posted on her Facebook page.

This saw Bobi Wine in the comment section say that the woman who will say that Barbie impacted her positively will be a man. And this man will be him.

He however decided to tell her that when she’s still alive because he will die before her.

“That woman will be a man and it will be me.
I do not think you have touched anyone’s life like you did to mine. I however will say that while you still live because I will go before you my love,” the self proclaimed Ghetto gladiator said.

It probably seems the Firebase leader can’t imagine a life without his wife reason he wants to die before her. This might be the same case for Barbie too, no Bobi no Barbie and therefore no life.

What a great fairytale!

Written by Aine Siggy

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