I didn’t beat Tiktoker Yiga Sharif- Bafana denies despite implicating evidence

Dancehall general Richard Kasendwa aka Ziza Bafana has come out to deny beating Tiktoker Yiga Sharif. A video surfaced this week showing the Friendly March singer and his crew thumping Yiga to pulp.

Bafana however said that it was his fans who disciplined Yiga. Besides the Tiktoker had gone way overboard and many of these are still being beaten if they don’t behave and stop abusing their seniors.

“I didn’t beat up Yiga Sharif, it was rather my fans who disciplined him. That’s why I was surprised to hear him accusing me of beating him up. I even went to the hospital to see him but he ran away when he saw me because of fear.

He should treat himself and be fine but otherwise those Tiktokers are still getting beaten. As a dancehall general, I have the right to discipline some of these youths I see misbehaving. Tiktok has become a hub of ill behaved youths who are so vulgar and obscene,” Bafana said.

However Bafana’s friend Kid Dee who took Yiga there said that the self proclaimed katonda wa ragga did indeed beat up the Tiktoker. According to Kid Dee he wanted Bafana to only discipline him but took it way overboard.

Kid Dee however asked these Tiktokers to know their limit before they go ahead to fall into trouble with public figures. This comes after another Tiktoker Dr Cephco is sweating behind bars after he was jailed by Full Figure.

Written by Aine Siggy

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