I don’t regret my past- Zari Hassan addresses s3x tape- Video

They say the internet doesn’t forget at all, with just the click of a finger and button, all your previous filth is bound to come back and haunt you.

This is the case with South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan. Zari did some things in her previous years that she probably is not proud to be associated with today.

In 2015, a s3x tape belonging to the mother of 5 broke the internet. Zari appeared to be mastruba+!ng in this video with a vibrator as she recorded herself.

This was while a male voice not in the room but on a video call gave her instructions. Her critics have always brought out the video to taunt her.

Zari however said that its a part of her past life that she can’t erase and it was even blackmail. She revealed that she was dating someone after parting ways with her first baby daddy, Ivan Ssemwanga.

This person recorded her in one of the private sessions they had without her knowledge. After she got fed up of the relationship, this man threatened her with releasing this video which Zari told hin to go ahead and do as she was going to allow being held hostage in a relationship she didn’t want.

“I’m not ashamed of my past, you don’t plan a sex video to come out. The time I left Ivan I was dating a person and because it was a long distance relationship thing, we would get on the phone and do whatever we have to do, we were adults and we had our intimate moments. It came to a point where this person had recorded a session. It came to a point where I decided to leave the relationship and he blackmailed me that I should pay him. I said it’s fine, you wanna release this video? It’s fine. You cannot blackmail me for having a relationship with you. You wanna blackmail me by releasing my sex video that you recorded? It’s fine go ahead and he did. It’s in the past,” said Zari.

Written by Aine Siggy

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