Winnie Nwagi’s ‘slap proof’ discovered (video)

Well it seems if one doesn’t want to get the wrath of singer Winnie Nwagi, they have to do one thing and that is rain her with money.

The singer has become famous for thumping fans that usually try to bad touch her or dance inappropriately with her.

However, an old video has been archived showing that the Malaika singer is actually vulnerable to money and touches.

While performing a few years ago at Alex Muhangi’s Comedy Store, Nwagi let a certain fan dance with her in all ways as he tucked money notes into her skimpy top.

And guess what, the self styled Firebaby didn’t release fire that day but only got melted by the money. So now you exactly know what to do in case you want to get close to her, just come raining money and you will do whatever you want with her.

Written by Aine Siggy

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