Chameleone knelt and pleaded to us for forgiveness- lord mayor Erias Lukwago

Lord mayor Erias Lukwago has come out to reveal how East Africa’s finest and self styled doctor, Jose Chameleone knelt down and pleaded to be forgiven while in South Africa.

It should be recalled that rumors arose on how the Leone Island music doctor was almost sent behind bars while in South Africa. The issue that had him was failure to perform at two different concerts in 2015 and 16 all organizied by one person, a Ugandan Nkuba kyeyo known as Zainah.

Lukwago who is the lawyer of Zainah said that Chameleone has been playing ping-pong with them as he refused to appear in court. They however nabbed him while in South Africa but he knelt down and almost cried as he asked for forgiveness and pledged to pay.

Lukwago adds that they permitted him to go and perform in Cape Town and come back to Johannesburg to pay. They are however receiving reports on how he’s planning to flee minus paying.

“Chameleone has to know that a case doesn’t get rotten, Zainah put a lot of money in 2 concerts in South Africa and Chameleone didn’t show up. The first was in 2015 and she organized in 4 cities including Durban, Cape Town and 2 others.

Chameleone told her to pay one of the best bands in South Africa and she did. He also told her to pay all the tickets and even said that he doesn’t sleep in cheap hotels and she cleared all of them. And he didn’t show up, then came 2016. This time he promised to come and sing and compensate for the previous year. He further demanded for a business class for him to be paid for together with his various crew members and Zainah further paid.”

“It’s absurd that Chameleone who should be on the level of the likes of Diamond Platinumz, the late Lucky Duke does such dubious things.

In 2018 we decided to file a court case and a date was fixed. Zainah came from South Africa but Chameleone didn’t show up and that became the routine. Court sent us into mediation but he still refused and even his lawyers quit the case because of his behavior,” said Lukwago.

“The case was fixed for 18th September but then luck handed him to us in another country and we decided to use laws elsewhere. When he saw the Police at the Hotel room, he ran back to his hotel like a real Muganda and locked himself inside the room as Police sealed off the entire premise.”

“He then allowed to negotiate and even knelt, the real kneeling practically in front of Zainah and allowed to compensate. He then left for Capetown and promised to come back to Johannesburg and pay after singing and then come back to Uganda. The total costs were Ugx 38 million shillings but the costs rose due to his behavior. We received news that he’s acting corny to try and escape amd come back but whatever passes up you lay your trap down,” Lukwago further said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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