Bebe Cool’s son Allan Hendricks denies clapping back at Saha in new song

Bebe Cool’s son Allan Hendricks aka Paper Daddy has denied hitting back at King Saha in new song titled Matayo. Hendricks in the same beat as King Saha’s Zakayo song clearly hit out at the UMA presidential candidate for attacking his father Bebe Cool.

Saha in his Zakayo song hits out at Bebe Cool who has constantly attacked him over drug abuse. Saha further advises Bebe to abstain from clinging onto every issue that comes his way.

The song seemed to rub Hendricks the wrong way and hit studio right away to fight for his father. In his song titled Matayo, Allan questions why Saha is indulging in issues of the big sized artists.

He further tells him to stop abusing drugs because they have made him delusional and he thinks that he’s so big but in fact he’s burying his life 6 feet under the ground.

However while appearing on Sanyuka TV’S Uncut show, Allan denied his song is aimed at Saha. He said that the song is directed at every youth who uses drugs.

“My song is not targeting anyone specific. I don’t know why people think I’m attacking Saha. I’m advising anyone abusing drugs but if you think Saha is a culprit then he should take the message in good faith. I actually recorded my song last year and it has been in place so its just a coincidence that the songs got released in the same time lapse. I have a lot of Matayo’s I have saved from drug abuse and the rest I’m still doing so,” Allan Hendricks said.

The Girl Child singer also revealed how he regrets not vying for the UMA presidency. He would have loved to have a go at Saha and teach him a lesson.

Just as Allan decided to fight his father’s battles, a one Ashama has also decided to fight for Saha by releasing a song titled Petero wa Zakayo hitting out at Allan Hendricks.

Written by Aine Siggy

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