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Ragga Dee on why UMA elections were postponed

Legendary artist Ragga Dee real name Kazibwe Daniel has revealed why Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) elections were postponed.

At first elections were already on going but by mid day they were stopped after King Saha claimed there was vote rigging.

The elections were scheduled for another day which was 28th June 2022 but still artists didn’t agree with the method of voting which was ballot ticking with only one polling station.

According to Ragga Dee, artists were very right especially those far away from the city because they were going to be denied a chance to vote.

“If you dare hold elections in Central only artists in other regions will never see the elected president as their president. They will ask, “Who elected this President. That’s why elections was postponed until we get a clear way to do it,” Ragga Dee said

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