Social media accuses Juliana Kanyomozi of being selfish after same concert dates as B2C

Social media users took to different social media sites to bash the gorgeous and talented legendary singer Juliana Kanyomozi for holding a concert on the same days as B2C.

Juliana yesterday through her social media pages announced her concert dates sending her fans into ecstasy as she’s been off stage for a number of years.

The Nabikoowa singer scheduled her concerts on the 19th of August 2022 at the Kampala Serena Hotel. An ordinary ticket will be going for 150k with a table as hefty as 3 million shillings.

As much as these fees drew astonishment from the public, what drew the most attention is the dates since the trio of B2C will also have a concert on the same day.

It was B2C that announceed the date first and their concert will be at Freedom City. Some people came out to claim that the artists have different fan bases and therefore none will hinder the other’s concert. However not everyone was pleased that in such an economic situation, Juliana dared to organize a show as these younger singers.

“You do no tv interviews, get lost in yr own world like you made it, when you get broke, you come up with a VIP concert, that’s how it works eh!?”

“So we now understand why you did all that to Jazz Safari, kyokka bwebabikubuuza mu camera n’obyegaana. Kakazi ggwe toyagaliza eeeh!!”

“Why didn’t you wait for your agements such as Nandujja, chameleon, ssebatta and u put on the same date with young blood The B2c eeh mpozzi it’s you with all the powers now I have no problem I will attend.”

Written by Aine Siggy

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