Heartbreaking video of pupils being served 3 beans leaves people heartbroken

A heartbreaking video has been making rounds on social media showing pupils in a certain Ugandan school being served almost sauce, with 3 beans and posho.

In this video shared on different social media platforms, these learners can be seen being given sauce that is almost liquid with barely beans.

Social media users took to criticizing the school and other administrators for treating learners to such a manner.

“Some schools aaah aaah , and wen t comes to demanding da fees balance heee very tough yet they are feeding our children wid water+food colour n 4 been and posho.”

“Eeeeehh which school could be that and you may find bills for tuition are high.”

“This is insane,if such schools can’t feed pupils they shud allow kids to come with their food from homes or else the government shud enforce their closure, this is cheating the parent and and again punishing the kids.”

“This is so heart breaking,why give such kind of food to such young kids,by God’s grace my children will not go to such schools.”

Written by Aine Siggy

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