A lot of men want to chew my sumbie- Pastor Irene Manjeri reveals

Bethel healing centre pastor, Irene Manjeri has revealed how a lot of men want to chew her bearded meat. Manjeri said that e we since she split with her husband, her phone has been buzzing with phone calls from numerous men.

All these want to have a taste of her bleached cookie. Despite attempts to shun them away, they have always managed to find her out.

Manjeri however said that she’s not interested in them and wants to set a good precedent for her kids. It will not be a good gesture if she jumps into a new relationship right now shortly aftet splitting with her husband Dr Stephen Katongole.

“It’s true a lot of men want me and are after me but I’m not yet ready for them. They always some how get my phone number and call me and despite blocking them severally, they still find a way to reach me.

I don’t want to rush into a relationship as I want to take my time and eventually find the right person. Quickly jumping into another relationship will also send a wrong signal to my children as they will be confused since they are still engulfed by their father’s shocking behavior. On top of that, I don’t want to be like I’m competing against my ex Katongole on replacing him. Besides I think I’m mature enough to withhold my intimate desires, I’m therefore here to serve God,” she said.

Manjeri and her husband Katongole split last year bitterly over allegations of infidelity and threats of violence.

Written by Aine Siggy

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