Full s3x Video of Lwasa eating sumbie

News has been making rounds on social media of Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa s3x tape giving head. However even after browsing through many sites, it wasn’t easy to find it.

But yoo, hold on we have it here and you are going to see the Masaka tycoon acting a real p0rn movie. In this video, Lwasa is seen burying his head in this anonymous slay queen’s sumbie.

He licks it like a lollipop as the girl moans in pleasure. Lwasa then pulls out his pencil thin d1ck and beats this girl k@chabali style sending gushes of Atlantic Ocean waters all over the place.
This shows that the size of the pen doesn’t matter, it can literally write in every book regardless of its size.

Below is the video:-

Written by Aine Siggy

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