Video: Diana Nabatanzi declares her love for B2C’s Mr Lee on air

For a long time, rumors have always made rounds on how BBS Kasukali presenter Diana Nabatanzi and B2C’s Mr Lee have an intimate relationship going on.

The two however have all always denied the rumors maintaining that they are simply friends. Its even something that got Nabatanzi clashing with Sanyuka TV’s Zahara Toto who claimed that she was too old for Mr Lee.

Besides, Zahara claimed that she has been danced by many men including Masaka short dickie tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa. However, during her Kiri Kitya program on BBS TV, Nabatanzi made it public of her love towards Mr Lee.

She greeted him on air and wondered if he’s had anything to eat so far. Her tone sounded as if she was sending message to the haters to hang.

Written by Aine Siggy

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