Sheebah proves she’s lesbian (pictorial)

For a long time rumors have been circulating about singer Sheebah Karungi being into fellow women. She’s made it no secret in showing her dislike for men and straight marriage.

Sheebah has on countless occasions indicated how she doesn’t want to get controlled by anyone. She was even a few years ago rumored to have been dating female faded rapper Keko.

Whenever questioned about marriage, relationships and men, the singer always downplays them saying she’s concentrated on her music.

However, a recent photo dump has many left people thinking one thing, the former TNS singer is a lesbo that’s afraid to come out. She posted photos of herself putting on a t-shirt with a rainbow flag that was hijacked by the LGBTQ to represent their drilling services. Sheebah added a caption saying “All For Love” while posing with some other girl.

Fans started pouring in confirming that she’s indeed gay and should feel free to come out.

Its only a few days ago since June ended which is globally recognized as the Pride Month for gay people.

Written by Aine Siggy

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