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Girls will keep exposing you if you don’t stop living a fake life – Full Figure to Lwasa

Presidential advisor Nakangubi Jennifer also known as Full Figure has given masaka city tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel a good advice.

Lwasa and Full Figure are friends but ever since Lwasa’s admitted to be person in the leaked s3x tape everything changed.

According to Full Figure, Lwasa lives a fake life lieing to people that he has money and girls also run to him not knowing he has money.

Outspoken Full Figure said these Ugandan girls will always expose Lwasa because he promises them things he can’t afford and they always get annoyed.

Full Figure added on that Lwasa has no money like the way people think.

“I want fo tell Lwasa that if he doesn’t stop faking his life, he is going to be exposed more. He lies to girls that he will give them money yet he doesn’t even have the money. It is very annoying,” Full Figure said

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