Prima and Mr Henri lose 1 billion after breakup

It’s no longer a secret that socialite Prima Kardashi and Galaxy FM presenter Mr Henrie are no more. The rumors of the couple breaking up intensified yesterday after Prima deleted her photos with Henri from her social media pages.

The couple however in doing so lost an almost 1 billion shillings deal. Real quick, rumors of the two breaking up were imminent due to social media pressure.

It’s also said that Mr Henrie was getting pressurized by his family to dump Prima who is second hand material and date an age mate. And to make matters worse, Prima traveled out of the country alongside Spice Diana to Dubai leaving Henri alone back in Uganda.

While in Dubai she took to parting with South African based socialite Meddie Moore. The two were even seen wearing the same shirt on different days. Further social media blogger MC Richie also revealed how Meddie was chewing Prima while there as they used to allegedly sleep in the same room. He also said that one time he had noises from their room as he was passing by.

It should be noted that even earlier, Prima hired Dj Nimrod for her Mama Lusaniya show as the host. This is yet Nimrod and Mr Henrie don’t get well along after Nimrod took over Henrie’s mid-morning show on Galaxy FM.

The couple was planning the following before their breakup:

  1. A reality TV show; Keeping Up with the Prima Kardashi & Henrie
  2. Starting up Foundation
  3. Giving Birth to 2 Sets of Twins
  4. Starting a Fashion House ( Clothing Line)

The pair lost billions of money because they can’t achieve this because of break up. Their break up seemed an absolute especially due to social media pressure.

Written by Aine Siggy

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