Video: Winnie Nwagi shows off her nekkid bare @$$ in bath tub

Ever since Winnie Nwagi rose to stardom, she decided to bury all the sorrow and poor life she had lived before in her previous life.

The Swangz Avenue singer has continously lived her best life and not caring about what the critics have to say. Despite being hugely talented, Nwagi has also built her brand on her oozing sexiness.

The curves and beauty have cemented her place in almost every man’s heart. And after always blocking the critics and trash talking them, everyone almost does fear her now.

She basically does whatever she wants now without anyone speaking back. The Malaika singer took to her Instagram page to upload a video of her showing her bare nekkid gigantic butt in a very thin swimsuit.

This showed off her big tattooed @$# which left her followers all stunned and salivating. Nwagi bounced her booty in tne tub leaving wild imaginations in heads of many.

Written by Aine Siggy

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