Rukira control your lukira, don’t put it in every lutuli- Stella Nyanzi to Kakwenza Rukira

Embattled former Makerere University professor Dr Stella Nyanzi has come out to provide some advice to her friend Kakwenza Rukira.

The duo are all self exiled in Germany but Kakwenza has been donating the Ugandan live seeds by bonking the daughters of the ancestors who enslaved his ancestors.

For some reason, Stella felt a need to put an end to Kakwenza’s sexaul exploits. Known for her obscene poetry, she took to her Facebook page and advised Kakwenza to tame his manhood as he dips it every hole.

“Olukira lufuuse olukira. Luno olukira lwo luzina buli lutuli. Olukira lwa Rukira lukirako lwa kabwa kaganda!
Ruchira control your lukira!,” said Nyanzi.

Nyanzi first revealed how one of her male friends has constantly refused to wear condoms thereby impregnating every female he sleeps with.

She then revealed how Kakwenza had impregnated Communications research & strategist, Ann Whitehead.

“Ann Whitehead got pregnant with exiled Kakwenza’s child, after I told her that he is still married to his wife who is raising his children in Uganda. She wants monogamy with a married polyamorous man suffering from severe PTSD,” further revealed Stella.

She advised Kakwenza to leave her name out of his bonking spree mess lest she will expose more filth about his bedminton skills.

Written by Aine Siggy

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