Gravity Omutujju blasts Spice Diana’s manager Roger labeling him stupid

Local dancehall singer/rapper Gravity Omutujju has labeled Spice Diana’s manager Roger as stupid.

This was during an interview on Spark TV. Gravity attacked Roger after he was told that he cursed him.

“Who is he to curse me, Roger in fact is a very stupid man, does he feed me, where does he get the audacity to curse me?,’ said Gravity.

It should be recalled that the Tusimbudde singer a while ago attacked Roger and his artist, Spice Diana.

He said that these are hypocrites who wish no one any good. They only pretend and fake smiles but deep down harbor hatred for anyone more successful than them.

He made the comments after Spice Diana had made peace with her long time nemesis Sheebah Karungi at the former’s EP album launch party.

Written by Aine Siggy

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