Video: Ex minister Ameria Kyambadde dancing skills leaves netizens gushing

It seems like one can never know the beauty of life outside their hectic and over scheduled work timetables. Ex Trade minister Amelia Kyambadde could be testament to this.

This is after a video of her pulling off beautiful dance moves surfaced on social media. Kyambadde took to jamming to Winnie Nwagi’s Malaika song and its fair to say that she nailed it.

Taking to her Facebook page, the former Mawokota north MP, Kyambadde captioned that “Life is too short to live a boring lifestyle, mazima.”

This was during the wedding ceremony of her son Michael Kyambadde and his fiance Jemima Bagonza that happened over the weekend.

She might not have even known that such a sweet lifestyle exists outside the government hectic work lifestyle.

Written by Aine Siggy

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