I discovered early enough that marriage is not my calling – Sheebah reveals

Songstress Sheebah Karungi has come out once again to air her views in regards to her intimate life and marriage. The singer who is clearly in her mid 30’s shows no sign of settling down soon.

While appearing on Sanyuka TV, Sheebah said that she faced a lot of challenges while growing up. She therefore wants to have a piece of mind in her maturity right now.

She wouldn’t want to be returning home everyday to someone they are going to be quarreling with. According to her, there are some women who are just not built for marriage and will fail at it despite forcing it several times. Sheebah however said that you never know someone there might come and treat her the way she wants and ends up officializing things.

“I’m still maintaining my stand that I’m a proud nakyeyombekedde. So I don’t think marriage is my calling. I passed through a lot of hardships growing up. So all I need right now is a piece of mind. I don’t want to go back home every day to someone I shall be fighting with. But you never know I might meet someone who knows how to treat me right and I officialzie things. Besides the saying that men fear me is because they don’t deserve me. A man who knows what they want will always reach out to me,” Sheebah said.

The singer also addressed the claims that she’s indecent and a bad role model. This follows her recent dresscode which was termed indecent and skimpy at several schools.

According to Sheebah, parents should raise their children the way they want and not leave their responsibilities to artists.

The former TNS singer said that these parents should tell their kids that if they love Sheebah, they should just love her music and not her lifestyle.

Further, she can’t tend to someone else’s kids when she herself hasn’t given birth. She will therefore raise her own kids the way she wants and not how society deems right.

Written by Aine Siggy

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